Friday, February 1, 2008

Today is Tomorrow

One of my favorite all time movies is the classic, Gone With The Wind. Scarlet O'Hara is a delightful character if you ask me. That southern accent and charm along with the determination and iron will makes her quite a woman. If you've seen the movie though, you also notice a soft side to Miss Scarlet. She does break down, she does cry, and she learns that she's not invincible. Her philosophy is "I'll think about that tomorrow." I say that a lot myself. Many times I don't want to do or think about what needs to be done today, so I put it off until "tomorrow". I've noticed that often "tomorrow" gets pushed back daily and then when I finally have to do whatever it is I've been putting off, I end up stressed out and horns grow out of my head.

"I'll start my diet....tomorrow."

"I'll start my quiet time....tomorrow."

"I'll clean my house....tomorrow."

"I'll read to my daughter....tomorrow."

"I'll write a devotion....tomorrow." (so guilty here!)

"I'll call my friend....tomorrow."

"I'll go have lunch with my son....tomorrow."

"I'll take brownies to my neighbor....tomorrow."

"I'll spend some quality time with my husband....tomorrow"

"I'll __________________ tomorrow." (you fill in the blank)

A few years ago, we planned a trip to Walt Disney World. At the time Hayley Grace was 3 years old. I made the mistake of telling her when we booked the trip, which was months before we actually went. Each day she would ask, "Are we going to Disney World today?" I would say, "No Hayley Grace, we aren't going for 3 more months." Then "2 more months"...."1 more month"...."3 weeks, 2 weeks, 1 week". The night before we were leaving
I was tucking my sweet daughter in bed and I told her the news she had been waiting for. "Hayley Grace, we are going to Disney World....TOMORROW!" "Yeah, I get to meet Mickey Mouse and Cinderella!" She was so excited. The next morning she came running into my room before I was out of bed. The first words out of her mouth were, "Mommy, is today tomorrow?" And I proudly replied, "Yes! Today is tomorrow."

Let's make "today" our "tomorrow". Instead of waiting and wasting precious time, I want to look at what I've been putting off until tomorrow and put it in action today.

Is there anything you've been putting off that you know you really need to do or want to do? Are you waiting until you "feel" like doing it? I've learned that day may never come. Take a look at your current "to do" list and make it a "to day" list. Not only will you have a sense of accomplishment, but you'll also be making a difference today. And you will feel so good. It's a great way to not only reduce stress but also to love yourself.

Blessings! Today is Tomorrow,


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Renee Swope said...

You are worth celebrating again and again. I am not so sure about you doing 40 again since that would make me older than you since I am accepting the fact that I am 41. You ARE forty-one-derful!

Love you to pieces friend...and what is this about Teri being your favorite co-worker? I am baffled with that one!!