Monday, February 11, 2008

We Have A Winner....or 2!!!!

Congratulations to Robbie Ross and Darci Salisbury!!!!!

You are the winners of my first blog give away!

Robbie suggested that I give Jeff a Wii. Well, our kids got one for Christmas, but his suggestion made me think of something to go with the Wii. So, I got him "Guitar Hero" for Wii. Jeff plays guitar, although he actually hasn't played in a while. OMGsh! He had a blast playing with it all day! (So did I!) I gave it to him after he feasted on breakfast in bed...served by me and the kids.

Sunday night, Jeff took me to dinner. I had the most fabulous steak I have ever had in my entire kidding! We had such a great time together. When we got home, we retreated to our room. That's when he gave me some DKNY Be Delicious (my fave perfume...drives him wild too) and I gave him Darci's suggestion (also shown below). Her gift idea, with a little help from her man, were certificates for certain things I could do to love him in his #1 love language. I gave him 3 and I'm choosing to keep those private. (I can't tell everything!) I also printed the first paragraph from the blog I wrote last week about him and framed it, surrounded by pictures of us. I then planted 18 kisses on it (one for each year) and signed
it. He loved it. You can kind get an idea of what is turned out like here.

Jeff was amazed at the suggestions and creativity of all who posted. Thank you guys SO MUCH! It really was a very special anniversary. Maybe even our best. Thanks for encouraging me to be creative. There are still lots of ideas left over for Valentine's Day and upcoming special occasions in the future.

Robbie and Darci each won a signed copy of Melanie Chitwood's book, What a Man Needs from His Wife. I'm sure Robbie will gladly pass it on to his beautiful bride, Ginny....especially since he'll benefit from her reading it:) Thank you both for such thoughtful, creative, and loving ideas to make my man feel special. Because that's exactly what he is!

If you didn't win this time, check back soon. I'll be doing another give away before February is over. And if you haven't already, go check out my other blog, There will be some fun give aways coming up over there too.

Blessings! And thanks again!



Amy Carroll said...

I've been reading the past few posts, and now I'm grinning from ear to ear. It does my heart good to hear a story from a couple who is committed to making it work. I had a friend ask me, "Do you think it's God's will for me to stay in this miserable marriage?" I pointed out that she had only given me 2 choices for her: miserable marriage or out. The 3rd choice is praying and working toward a fabulous marriage with God's help and healing. You and Jeff are such an inspiration to choose the 3rd choice. Thanks for sharing--you're the greatest!


ps Jeff, you are the man! I love that you blogged in this girly-bloggy world!!

Charlene Kidd said...

I love the ideas you got. Our 18th is this year, I will have to save a few of these. Congratulations on your anniversary.
I agree with Amy, way to go Jeff!!

Micca said...

Oh, you guys look great! Congrats!!
You'll have to pop over to my blog and find out why I'm giving my hubby a bingo card for Valentine's Day. It might make a great gift for your hubby on your next anniversary!