Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We survived the 1st day of school!

Well, it was the day the kids were dreading...back to school! Here is a glimpse at how our morning went:

At 5:30 am, I went to wake up Blake. Notice the empty bed. He was already up. (such a respsonsible kid!)

So, I went to fix his breakfast. Well, lookie here, he already did that too. (My husband is horrified that I actually posted a picture of our toaster...he says it's embarrassing!) Look closely and you can see Blake has already put his bagel inside.

Oh no! I just remembered that Dylan lost a tooth last night. There it is on the table. I need to tell the tooth fairy before he wakes up!

Good, I found her. "Tooth fairy, please put money under Dylan's pillow before he wakes up for school!"

Whew! Still asleep! The toothfairy made it just in time:)

Time for Blake to leave. He has to be in his seat by 7:15 am! It's his 1st day of high school! This cannot be right! I was just changin this boy's diapers yesterday it seems! "Bye B-Man. Princess and I will miss you today. Let's take a picture before you go. Smile!"

Ok, now to get the other 3 up, fed, and ready for the first day of school. 1st stop: Dylan's room.
Wow, he sure wakes up happy. Must be because the tooth fairy came last night:) "Get up Dylan, it's the 1st day of school!"

Now on to Hayley Grace's room.
Where the heck is she?

Oh, there you are! The little sneek went into Mommy and Daddy's room in the middle of the night! "Hayley Grace, wake up sweet heart....and smile because I'm taking your picture! Ha!"

Now that those 2 are up, I need to go check on Hayden. What's this? "Hayden, it's not summer anymore. Quit playing those video games and get ready for school boy!"

"You all must hug your mom before you leave and have your picture taken. I'm so proud of all of you!" (notice the lovely guitar player on Dylan's shirt....remember Slash? I have Guitar Hero to thank for this!

Now it's Hayden's turn. "Smile Hayden!" (oh, I forgot...he's 13 and too cool to smile)

"Oh, my don't forget your lunch boxes kids!"

"Bye sweet Hayley Grace. I love you." (you can so tell she's the youngest of 3 boys....she carries a pink Capt. Jack Sparrow back pack!)

And there they go with their Dad. Off to the 1st day of school! This year there is 1 in high school, 1 in middle school, and 2 in elementary school. (Can you tell that Dad is still in his PJ's?)

There you have it. A morning in the life of the Taylor's. And it's only 8:00 am!




Marilyn said...

Melissa I loved seeing your "as is" pictures of the morning at your house! Your toaster looks just like mine! ha I guess I get to thinking that everyone that has a blog is "perfect" in every way....so it just sort of makes it a little more "real" and down-to-earth to know that you live just like the rest of us! ha

God bless.....

Joyful said...

Melissa, we were out shopping for a new toaster oven last night - which we still haven't purchased yet. Our's turns on and off with no-one around - it's kind of a fire hazard!

Well, looks like you made it! School doesn't start here for another week yet. You'll be all into routine and we'll just be starting.

If you accomplished all that before 8am, whatever did you do with the rest of your day?


Wendy Pope said...

Who has time to take photos?

Donna Dewey said...

Awesome post Melissa - I feel like I was with you the whole morning!


Lysa TerKeurst said...

I have always loved you. But now that I've seen your rockin' toaster oven... I love you even more.

Happy school days!

Amy Carroll said...

Love, love, love getting to see your whole family in their natural state. This is the sweetest post ever. Day 1 of school was exciting for us, too. We were just thankful for no anxiety attacks!

I also loved the post for today. Can you imagine how all the hairs on everybody's head would stand on end if we wrote ALL the bad and ugly? We'd sure get some mail about that too!

Love you!

Arissa said...

Good post.