Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We saw the American Idols:)

Sunday afternoon, my family and I headed to uptown Charlotte hoping for a glimpse of the American Idol contestants. Well, we got more than a glimpse. Check it out.

We heard the idols would arrive between 12-2. We waited. And waited. They finally showed up about 3:00:)

Blake and me

Sweet Hayley Grace

Me and my gorgeous hubby:)

Here he is: The American Idol himself, David Cook. "Hey David Cook, I voted for you! I LOVED your version of 'Hello'!" (said me...)

Here is #2, David Archiletta signing autographs for Dylan and Hayley Grace. "He's so cute Mommy!" (said Hayley Grace ... not Dylan)

Brooke White signing the poster that Blake made.

Kristy Lee Cook signing Blake's poster.

And here comes everyone's favorite "dreadhead", Jason! (at least that's what the girls beside us were calling him!) He was sweet as he could be.

Super nice guy, Chikezie, takes time to pose for a photo with the kids. "Mommy, Chikezie's sweat got on me!" (another good Hayley Grace quote!)

Carly, and her tatoo, took some time to sign the kids' stuff.

One of my favorite idols, Michael Johns, poses with us here.

Close up of David Archiletta.

Signing Dylan's hat.

David Cook signing Blake's poster.

David Cook talking to us. Yes, the American Idol actually talked to us:) And shook our hands. "I'm never washing my hand again." (Guess Who ...NO NOT ME!... Hayley Grace:)

I don't think the kids will EVER forget this! They were so excited and just couldn't believe that they were meeting these people who they had watched on TV all season.

After meeting them, we went home. Later that evening, Blake, Jeff and I returned for the concert. It was a birthday present for Blake. What a show! Great talent, lots of excitement, and good clean fun! There were people from age 3 to 93 there! All the performers were good, but Michael Johns, Carly, and David Cook were GREAT! And yes, David Cook did open with "Hello"...his version of the Lionel Richie 80's song...it was so gooooood! I tried not to embarrass my 15 yr old son too much with my singing and yelling...but I just couldn't help it! I was almost as giddy as the screaming tweens around us, but I tried to contain myself...for my son and husband's sake of course!
In case you are interested, here's a clip from the finale of the Charlotte show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-XA3Ey7Lso&feature=user

Fun fun fun! I'll be back to post soon about the rest of my weekend. The concert was only icing on the cake. The entire weekend was absolutely wonderful and I can't wait to share the rest of it too!

Much Love,



Holly said...

GREAT pics Melissa! So glad you all had the opportunity to meet and greet them up close and personal. Cool memories.

Holly said...

Oh, and I almost forgot...Chickezie was sharing his sweat with our girls later that nite too! Isn't that funny? And gross... I had to laugh when I read what Hayley Grace said!!!

Joyful said...

Really...?? Hayley Grace made all those comments??? You know the saying..."Like mother, like daughter".

Glad you had so much fun. Sounds like a fabulous time was had by all. Can't wait to hear about more of your weekend. Being kind of "housebound" right now, I'm living through all of your adventures!

love ya,