Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fun Friday:) on Sunday!

Ok, a few days late. Let's just say I'm fashionably late, ok? It was another busy weekend here and I'm just now able to post anything. We went to the lake Friday afternoon, where we were joined by a nude dude and Sunday was Blake's 15th birthday! Anyway, here is my Fun Friday post.

Well, it was a Fun Friday 2 days ago. But before I tell you about the nude guy on lake (who happens to be in my family), I want to share Hayley Grace's birthday from last Saturday.

Last Saturday, she turned 7. It was her special day and it went something like this:
Hayley Grace got breakfast in bed. Her choice cuisine...
doughnuts w/ a Strawberries and Cream Frappicino from Starbucks, and a cup of watermelon...mmmmm!
Blow out those 7 candles big girl!
1st Present...a Hannah Montana Bedspread and room decorations! Yippee! "Just what I always wanted!"

Later in the day a few freinds and family came over. Here is Hayley Grace and her Great Grandmother.
The birthday girl gets hugs from her Goddaddy, Kenny and her Godbrother, Colton:)
The cuisine for supper: White rice w/ butter. (well, it's what she wanted!)
Entertainment for the night provided by Denise, the guitar hero for Hannah Montana's band. (aka, Hayley Grace's Godmother)

She had a great birthday. Here she is with her best friend, Sydney.
Also with her Hannah Montana cake. (Hunter, her Godbrother and Hayden, her 13 yr old brother pictured with her)
It was such a fun day. HG cried herself to sleep because she didn't want the day to end. My baby is 7. Sniff sniff. She'll also be having a "girl's day", which is what she opted to do instead of a big party, where she and Sydney will go to Libby Loo and get made up like rock stars and then go to dinner. So grown up:)
And now for the nude guy story. It happened on Friday, which really does make this a Fun Friday post. Our family joined Lacey, my husband's mom, on her boat for an evening of tubing and skiing. I wish I had pictures to show, but I don't. It was so fun watching my crazy boys, Jeff included, show off behind the boat. Which brings me to the nude guy.

Dylan is my 11 yr old son. Sweet as they come. Dylan and his older brother, Hayden like to ride on the tube together and the entire time they are on they try to push each other off. Hayden typically wins this dual. During one of these tubing events, Hayden did push Dylan off, only Dylan did not let go. His entire body was hanging off of the tube, but he did not let go. However, while holding on for dear life, even though his body was able to hang in there, his swimsuit was not. It totally came off and WE COULD NOT FIND IT. HE WAS TOTALLY NAKED! Except for his life jacket of course. You never saw such a white hiney! Hilarious! When his brother saw what happened he yelled, "Ah man Gross!" And he let go. Finally Dylan won! So, that's the story of the nude guy:)
As I close, I am reflecting on another one of my children's lives. Blake turned 15 today! He gets his learner's permit tomorrow. Today was his day and in usual Taylor fashion, he planned the entire day. I'll write about that next Friday, but until then let me just say, "Happy Birthday B-Man! I love you and I'm so proud of you!"
To anyone reading this, let me just wish you a happy day and great week ahead. Rejoice, celebrate, and make the most of your time. Blessings to you!
****sorry for the way the pictures and the words do crazy things when I post them. I cannot get them to line up. The way I create the post and the way it actually publishes seems to change and I'm tired of working on it!


Lynn Cowell said...

When our family went tubing in Cashiers earlier this month, we had the same problem with the swimsuits! My daughter kept yelling "Mom, my bottoms are falling off!" Of course, I yelled back, "Well, if you would wear shorts, you wouldn't have that problem!" Low and behold, when I got I, I had the same problem! Fortunately, I got ahold of them before they were deposited in the lake!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the lengths you went to to make sure your daughter feel so special on her birthday! You inspired me to start a breakfast in bed tradition for my kiddos and hubby on their birthdays!


Starr said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful memory making day!
And, I know what ya mean about getting the pictures and captions to line up. I have the same problem sometimes, it publishes different than it looks when I finish it! Glad to know I'm not the only one! Wears me out to and then I give up!

Sharon said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. But I must say I was laughing so hard, when you got to the naked guy, and it was your son, holding on.. I have seen others have those situations, but because your son was holding on to beat his brother, that's just too funny.
Thanks for sharing such a great and memoriable time.
God Bless