Monday, January 28, 2008

Southbrook Women's Retreat

In one word...Fun!!!! Oh my, what a wonderful weekend I had!!!! I had the pleasure of speaking this weekend in Black Mountain, NC at the Southbrook Women's Retreat. Southbrook is a wonderful church located in Weddington, NC (I think...or Waxhaw:)...anyway, what a great group of women. There was plenty of laughter and lots of love among us. It was a time to retreat from the busyness of the real world and take time to soak in the fuel that fills us up....God and girlfriends! And we truly got a lot of both!

Southbrook ladies, if you are reading this, I hope you'll post a thought or story about how this weekend filled you up. Or what you took away from the weekend. Or how God touched your life this weekend. Or how a friend impacted you. Anything really.

I can tell you that I was blessed big time! I felt so welcome and comfortable, like I could tell y'all anything ("rah rah").....seriously though, we equipped ourselves to chase away the "pirate" (Harella....little pig little pig....just kidding sweet Harella!) and most importantly, we gave up our insecurities and the lies of our minds to make way for the Truth. Ladies, don't let that pirate come back....hold tight to what you know and believe it. Arm yourselves with the Truth...your Treasure Chest (God's Word) and live your life to the full! Like Jesus said:)
This was the first speaking event that I brought someone with me. My super sweet friend, Amy Woods, came with me. We had such a great time together. From shouting rude comments out in the hallway to loudmouths and then eating dark meat KFC on the way home....we had a blast. Plus, Amy was such a huge help to me. She worked the book table and helped to keep me calm. She prayed for me before my first session and was instrumental in keeping me grounded and focused all weekend long. Amy, I just love you to pieces. Thank you so much for coming with me and for all of your help. You are a wonderful friend!
Oh how I wish women everywhere had the opportunity to attend a retreat like this one. I hope the pictures posted above can give you a little glimpse into the true beauty of this event. I will never forget the stories, faces, and testimonies of the ladies from Southbrook. I will be praying over your "hearts". Please remember how much you are loved and that there is absolutely "no condemnation in Christ Jesus"......Bless Your Heart.....You Are Beautiful....Beware of Pirates.....You Are a Princess....and you have touched my life! Thank you my friends:) Please keep in touch.
Much Love,
***I started a new It is for those of us struggling with weight and self image. Please check it out and participate if you'd like encouragement on living life to the full!


Lysa TerKeurst said...

Well I wasn't there but it sure does look like a ton of fun! I know they were blessed to have you as their speaker sweet Melissa.

The photos are priceless!!!

Love you friend~

Donna said...

I've heard alot of good things about Southbrook and clearly they're all true! Great pictures and great post :) Love, Donna