Saturday, January 5, 2008

Finally, Melissa is blogging:)

Hello, hello and welcome to my newly created blog! Please be patient with me, this is new and I've been resisting it for quite a while! To all my Proverbs 31 sistas...THANK YOU for encouraging me to do this. You said it was easy to create the blog. I didn't believe you. Ha! It took me less than 5 minutes. You were right! I can't wait to figure out how to post pictures and links. I promise to get your links up here very soon. Is that as easy as setting up this page? Please say yes:)

The current blog you are viewing is under construction. I plan on getting the infamous Dawn to help me create one that is more viewer friendly, but in the meantime, I hope you'll visit often!

Let me hear from you soon. Happy New Year!



Susanne Scheppmann said...

Way to go, Melissa! This blogging thing is whole new way of life!

Can't wait to see more.



Holly said...

This is just too weird Melissa...just TODAY I was thinking 'I wonder why Melissa doesn't have a blog yet...I would love to read it', and then I got your email!!!! Isn't that amazing?? So glad you're on board my friend!

Zoe said...

Yeah Melissa,

Keep it up friend, I can't wait to read about your life on your blog.

Thanks so much for your prayers; we are experincing God's peace & comfort.
Love you,

Marybeth said...

Hi Melissa! I am glad that you are finally taking the plunge! Let me know if you need any help-- I will do what I can. I am going to be in the office on Friday so maybe we can talk shop then!

WeatherbySwann said...

Lookin good.

Amy Carroll said...

Yeah, Melissa! We're slow but not completely lost causes!! You know how I love "your voice" in your writing. I'm so happy to be able to keep up with you online.


Charlene Kidd said...

I am so proud of you. I look forward to checking back and seeing all you do. Stop by our blogs and let us know you have visited.
We love ya,

Jeff said...

Looks great! You really are a techno girl! You go Melsa!

Shari said...

Hi Melissa, Welcome to the blog fam! How fun is this? Congrats and I'll be keeping up with ya! love, Shari

Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa. You rock girl. Glad you are blogging. Can't wait to read future posts by you.

Signed Your Friend,

Micca said...

Welcome to the blogging world, girl! I LOVE that you love blogging, and you love your job, and you love your friends and you love football, too!! I love how all that stuff makes you who you are…absolutely lovable!!

Oh, yeah…GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samantha said...

Wonderful!! It's so YOU already :) Can't wait to read've got more to offer than you know.

GO APPS!!!!!

Love you! Samantha

Renee Swope said...

Welcome to Blogger world. Yayyy, I am so glad you jumped in and got started. You are such a great writer and I know this will help you get more devos done because it'll all be right here waiting on your blog. I think you should write a devo to post next month about your Valentine for God that we did a radio show about. We could link to your blog!!!

Thanks for your encouragement today. I really needed it!

See you in the office tomorrow. my never-giving-up girlfriend for life!


Wendy Pope said...

I love Melissa Taylor. You are such a bright addition our staff. I am glad you are going to finally write done all the awesome things God is doing in your life. I prayed for you today and praised Him for fighting your battles for you!
Wendy P.

west coast said...

Billie is helping me blog today, so lets see if it worked.

Doylelyn. oh I mean west coast.

Melissa said...

Thanks for the sweet comments and for visiting my plain jane blog. I guess now it's time for me to post some more:) But I love you guys for your support. From the west coast to the east, I think this will be fun. I love y'all! Thank you so much for your encouragement.