Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Here she is...........

Ok, I said I would post Hayley Grace minus 2 teeth and here she is. I hope you can see her 2 teeth missing. She's so proud of them. The tooth fairy was very good to her. $5 for the first tooth and $2 for the 2nd. And the $ is already spent! She said it was one of the best days for her life!
Well, I don't know what people are doing tonight, but our family is watching American Idol. We have been waiting on this day forever, it seems. Once college football season is over, American Idol is our next sport. I like it once the real talent presents itself. My kids, however, like it when the "no talent" and "crazy" people are on. So, they loved tonight! And it was hilarious. And somewhat sad.
If you haven't visited in a while, please go to www.proverbs31.org. We have a new website and it rocks!
I'll be posting about my family's Compassion Child soon also. Her name is Maria and I posted her picture last time.
Much Love,


Denise said...

Excellent picture! Yea HG is growing up and soooo beautiful!I love having pics available! have an awesome week Mels... thanks for the prayers! D

Denise said...

Oh yea, don't forget to add my blogspot to you space!
Thanks D

Nani said...

Your daughter is precious! I remember when Lilo lost her first tooth.

Melissa said...

Very funny "Nani" :)