Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hayley Grace Lost 2 Teeth Today!

Me and Hayley Grace (with all of her teeth)

Well, my baby is growing up. It seems like yesterday she was just getting her 1st 2 teeth. Those first 2 teeth took forever to come in. It changed her whole appearance when they did. She was 1 yr old then. Well today, now 6 1/2, she lost those same 2 teeth. She pulled one before school and the other during school. She is so excited and expects to be rich by morning with all that money the tooth fairy will bring her:) Once again, her appearance has changed. Is it any coincidence that she is also wearing dangly earrings for the first time today?

I am finding myself a little emotional about this whole tooth losing business. Maybe it's because she is my baby. Or maybe it's because she hit another "first" milestone. I don't know, but don't you find that when these things happen with your kids, it just tugs at your heartstrings?

All day I found myself thinking about the time I have to raise my kids. On the one hand, it seems it will last waiting on a new tooth to grow in. But then again, in the blink of an eye, they are grown and quick as a tooth falling out. So, what's the moral of the story? Don't blink. Enjoy the people God places in your life today.

Speaking of enjoying the people God places in your life today, I had the honor of having lunch with a real Queen today. Queen LeAnn, the sweetest friend, boss, P31 lady I know:) (And no, I'm not trying to brown nose the boss!) Seriously though, today is LeAnn's birthday and I thank God for her presence in my life. I enjoy seeing her each day. LeAnn, if you're reading this, Happy Birthday again. I love you!

Well, I must go. Laundry to fold...ugh, but as I fold it, I will think of the special people who wear the loving and fun family that God put not only in my life, but in my home. I hope you will take the time today to enjoy some precious moments with someone you love. If you have some of those moments you'd like to share, I'd love to hear about them. Take Care!



Anonymous said...

Way to go Hayley Grace!

Melissa, such a cute story and so true. Time flies, better not let it pass by without living life to the full!

Thanks for sharing this, can't wait to read more.

Kathie Lee said...

Thanks Melissa. Your daughter is adorable!

I appreciate your message today. I have to get better about living in the moment and enjoying life now, because you are right. In the blink of an eye, time has passed.

Please post a picture of Hayley Grace without her teeth. I bet she's so cute!

PS How much did the tooth fairy bring?

lachey said...

Hi Melissa,

I stumbled across your blog (this is all new to me). It was very nice to hear about you. I was in your class at the seminar in June. Such a wonderful experience. Can't wait til this year. Keep posting.

P.S. Your daughter is such a cutie.

Melissa said...

The tooth fairy brought Hayley Grace $7. $5 for the 1st tooth and $2 for the 2nd. After this it's $1 per tooth.
I am planning on posting a picture of her now that she's got her toothless grin. My son, Blake, took the picture last night, we just have to download it.

Lachey, It's so good to hear from you. From the sound of it you are coming back to She Speaks. I hope so. It's going to be another great conference. Thank you so much for writing on my blog to say "hi".