Friday, January 11, 2008

How to post a comment and other info....

Me and Maria, my sweet Ecuadorian princess

Happy Friday People! Are you glad it's the end of the week? I know I am. I'm ready to relax tonight in the den with my family. It's Friday Night Movie Night and tonight's feature is Herbie the Love Bug. We are watching the know the one from the 70's? Exciting:)
I've gotten so many emails from people who cannot figure out how to post on here. And sorry to say, I'm not much help. I know there is help page (somewhere). If you have a blogger account it's quite easy. Or if you have a web address to enter in (that would be the URL...I didn't know that until recently), then it's easy. And you can always take the Anonymous route. Just sign your name to your comment so I know who you are please. But let me just say, that if you don't have a blogger account, you should get one. Why? Because it's just fun. Plus it's a great way to keep up with people. I think I'm also going to have a Taylor Family Blog soon and let the kids post as a way to communicate and post pictures for our family. If you have any easy directions for those new to blogging, please do tell.
And last but not least. I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet, loving, and beautiful sister, Tricia. Girl if you ever read this (and she probably won't!) please know I love you so much! Happy Birthday Sista!
Hope you are making it a great day.
***Coming soon: My trip to Ecuador, I can't wait to introduce you to Maria. She's the child we sponsor through Comapassion International. See picture above.


Van said...

Good morning Beautiful! Loved our chat in the office yesterday. For those who don't know - the women in the P31 office are... I'm speachless. "Are the best," seems trite. "Are such fun," is an understatement. "Bless me beyond anything I could ever hope for or imagine." Maybe I am geting close. We do have lots of laughs and encourage each other - you encouraged me Melissa along with Teri, Samantha, and Kristin. Stepping into the P31 office is a glimpse of heaven. I see the faces of my sisters working to serve their Father and our sisters around the world and realize I will spend eternity with these wonderful girlfriends. Yippeeeee... Keep blogging sista' - I love stayihng in touch.

Melissa said...


You are so sweet. I shared your comments with the girls in our office. How special. We had real tears. We love it when you come in...please come in more often!

Thanks for all of your so sweet and kind words. I agree with you though. I know I work with the best women in the world. I love them to pieces! And love you too!