Thursday, September 10, 2009

Treasure in the Illness

I am looking around my house today.  In 1 room lies a 16 year old boy.  He's typically healthy and rarely misses school.  Today he is down and out.  102 fever. Cough. Sore Throat. Earache.  Just feels rotten.  He's 16, but he needs his mama :)

In the den there are 2 couches.  On one lies a 14 year old boy.  He has been down and out since Monday.  He's been to the doctor twice due to high fever, 104, and breathing trouble.  Coughing a lot.  This was supposed to be his first week of football practice.  He hasn't been able to join his team yet.  Too sick.  On the other couch lies a 12 year old boy.  He is down and out.  While I was attending a PTA Open House last night, he texted me and let me know he had a fever of 101.  He is sick and coughing also.  Both of these big boys also need their mama :)

Truly, that is the one thing I like about them being sick.  Their need for me.  It brings back memories of the many sick days we had during the preschool years.  We used to be in the doctor's office all the time it seemed.  I was forever wiping a nose, rocking a sick child, administering medication, attending appointments, reading up on the latest remedies or health issues, and occasionally even being sent to the hospital. (6 different times I recall going from the pediatrician's office straight to the hospital)  My life was consumed with being a Mom.  Hands on all the way.  My boys have grown up so, their need for me is not as obvious.  But oh when they are sick...all they want is their mama.

And our time together has been so sweet.  Hayden and I have talked so much this week.  He has been the sickest so far and out of school all week.  While I would never wish this flu on him again, I cherish the time and conversations we've had this week.  Priceless.  Now don't get me wrong.  I'm not glad my boys are sick.  But I have found treasures hidden in their illness.

Hayley Grace, their 8 year old sister...she is not down and out.  Although she was.  For 2 days she had a cough.  She got over it quickly.  She has cried everyday this week because she wanted the swine flu so she could stay home too!  Go figure! 

I'm praying that our family will be back to good health very soon.  I'm also praying I don't get it!  If the past repeats itself, I'll spend this week caring for them and then get it!  (Hoping that doesn't happen!  I feel fine so far!)

Hoping and praying that you are your family are staying well!




Liz said...

"treasures in their illness" was by far my favorite line in your post today Melissa!

It is me, the Mommy, who is ill at our house today, yet I too have found "treasure" in this. As I type there are 2 little blankies I was tucked into bed with nearby....smelling of my 2 youngest children and feeling well worn and comfortable.

What a gift from the heart! An opportunity to dote on something so cherished by my beloved!

How God must enjoy placing "blankies" around us too! Surrounding us with people that He loves because He loves us! :)
Prayers for you to enjoy doting while everyone heals rapidly,

Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

Oh, Melissa...I am praying you don't get it either! Run all those toothbrushes through the next dishwasher load to sanitize them. I am sure you are washing all linens, towels and washcloths in hot water. :)

Oh you take such good care of your cherubs. What a good momma! And I agree, though I always want them to be well, when they are under the weather, the snuggle time is greater and the sweetness abounds.

Praying for all of you!

Hugs (you know the kind),

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Wow, my bunch has all had it too and I am so hoping that I don't get it. But it is an opportunity to take good care of my little ones....and my big kids too...

Joyful said...

I hope you keep all this illness your side of the border - sounds awful. And, according to your FB status, you're under the weather yourself right now Melissa.

You are right about the "treasures in illness", especially as they grow older. Suddenly, they WANT their mommy...and don't mind the hugs and loving. I think next year when my son leaves home for University, he'll miss some of those "treasures" he left behind (although right now it wouldn't be 'cool' to admit that)!!!

Sending love, hugs and prayers,

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