Saturday, September 13, 2008

What the Heck???

Oh my, why is everyone freaking out over gas???!!! It is over $5 a gallon around here. And I drive an SUV. No kidding, this is crazy.

It already costs me over $100 to fill up my car.

Samantha (my friend and coworker) and I went to the gas station on Friday morning to try to fill up before the rush. We went to Costos first. The lines were out of the parking lot! We could not believe it. We did not have 2 hours to wait, so we went to another gas station. I'm so glad we filled up on Friday when we did. We paid $3.69 per gallon. Now around Charlotte it's anywhere from $4.00-$5.29. Crazy. Honestly, I may start riding my bike to work. And I mean that.

Short post. Gotta go. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.




Joyful said...

The gas prices are unbelievable. My Mom had heard on the radio Thursday evening that the prices were going to jump at least 13 cents a litre on Friday, so made sure our cars were topped up before then. It's crazy - makes me plan my days more efficiently, rather than running here and there for every little thing...which...really...might be a good thing. MAYBE, it's saving me money, because I'm not going out as often. Now...there's a thought!

Have a great day!
Love & prayers,

Lynn Cowell said...

Riding your bike to work really is a terrific'd kill two birds with one stone. I think I'll look into getting my tires ready to do that too. I only live 3 miles from P31, so it wouldn't be too hard.
Hope your weekend was great! I prayed for you on Saturday. Hope you had a great weekend!

Mari said...

I'm in Raleigh. It's under $4 here but there are some shortages. I knwo for sure it's next to impossible to find anything but regular. There is no midgrade or premium here. And even with regular there are sometimes when you can' find gas in your neighborhood.

Lines depend on where yo are looking to get gas. Cheaper = longer lines. I hope NC gets some gas supplies soon. Never though gasoline would be high on my prayer list!

Brittany said...

Hey, It's been a while. Just checking to see if you're ok.