Monday, April 6, 2009

I Rule Scramble on FaceBook

Tonight I only wish you could've been in my house. Oh, if you were you would have heard me scream, seen me dance, and observed me gloating.

Now, I'm not typically a competitive person. I don't challenge anyone to a game, duel, or anything else. I'm not a risk taker. I get nervous when competing with someone. I get nervous when under pressure or timed. But I do love to play games. And I'm a very gracious loser. "Congrats. Great game." However....

When I win..........."In your face! Move over sucker! Uh huh uh huh. I rock! Take that! Whoo Hoo! Oh yea baby!" It's sad really. When I win, I get totally obnoxious. And I got to get obnoxious tonight.

My friend at work, Samantha, introduced me to Scramble. This is a game on FaceBook that is exactly like Boggle only it's on the computer. I love it and play it way too much. And until tonight I've been perfectly content to be in the middle of the pack among my friends who play Scramble. Samantha has been at the top of my friends, with the highest score for quite some time. She was proud to hold that title. Until a few weeks ago, another friend of mine, Michelle, knocked her off the top. In fact, Michelle's score was so high, we didn't think it was possible. No way anyone could score way.

I remember the first time I broke a 100 on Scramble. It was a sweet personal victory. Then there was the 139. I thought there was no way I could top that. Then I hit 158. Well that was definitely the top for me. I ranked 3rd among my friends. Michelle was 1st, Samantha was 2nd, and I was 3rd. Not no mo!!!!!!!!!! I'm #1!!!

Yes I am. Tonight I scored a 178!!!! Oh if you only knew how impossible this was. I know I shouldn't brag, but I am. When the final score was revealed I screamed and danced around the room. I sang a song in honor of myself. My family ran to see what the heck was happening. I showed them. Then I published my score on my FaceBook wall for all to see. Well, I did that after texting Samantha and sending her a message on FB. She's so good with words, I can't believe I beat her. But I did. Oh yea, I did.

Well, this post really has nothing inspiring, spiritual, or uplifting in it. It's totally selfish and prideful.

And I'm okay with that. I don't rule a whole lot, but I rule Scramble on FaceBook!

Love ya!


***Correction I scored 179, not 178!!!! :)


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Still praying for your Mom.....Teresa

Joyful said... crack me up!!!! I'm the same way when it comes to winning a game like that, so I identify totally!!!! I'd be screaming and gloating too. I read your accomplishment on Facebook last night, but didn't realize the significance it truly held!!!! You do rule girl!!!! WAHOO!!!! I'd try to beat ya, but I don't have that application on my account...besides...I probably couldn't, and I'd hate to take your glory away. Pity the poor friend who does, :o)

Hugs and much rejoicing today!
You're just too cute!!!
Love ya,

Annett said...

You are hilarious !!!!! I can just hear you hooping and hollering. You go, Girl.

Julie said...


You crack me up! My husband would say that I am the same way. he cannot stand to be around me after I win a game of whatever we may be playing at the time.

I can't help it gets the best of me-lol.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend. Your family and mom are still in my prayers!