Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mommy-Daughter Day:)

Here are the Mommies of Mommy/Daughter Day.
Donna and Melissa

And here are the daughters.

Sydney and Hayley Grace

Today was so fun. In fact, it was close to perfect. It was "Mommy-Daughter Day". Hayley Grace (my 6 yr old daughter) and me, plus my very sweet friend Donna and her daughter Sydney, all went on a picnic after church. Hayley Grace has been looking forward to this day for quite a while now. We originally scheduled it for 2 weeks ago. It didn't happen. So we rescheduled. Well, today, it happened and it was worth the wait. The 4 of us went to Latta Plantation Park in Huntersville, NC on Mountain Island Lake. We had such a great time.

Our first stop: Kentucky Fried Chicken. Oh yes, I did not count WW Points, in fact, I probably had a week's worth today. 2 pc dark meat with cole slaw and mashed potatoes and a biscuit! Yum Yum!

If KFC wasn't enough, we passed a "Cook Out" and had to stop by. This is the BEST greasy food joint evah!

Melissa, Sydney, and Hayley Grace

Donna, Sydney, and Hayley Grace

Here's the hiking sign that helped to show us the way....

The view from our picnic spot.

Uh-oh! Someone lost her bottoms!

Two great friends having such a great time.

I wish I had more time tonight, but I don't. I'll post more tomorrow. Mommy/Daughter Day was one of my favorite days this year.



Mari said...

Mommies and daughters are gorgeous. I need to do this with my daughters, ny friend Robin adn her girls. Thanks for the idea. Looks like y'all had a great time. Please tell me there was at least some shopping :D

Joyful said...

Mommy/Daughter day looks like so much fun! Not having a daughter, I have mommy/son days in my memory, and hope to make more even though he is now 16! Cherish these days my friend - they grow up so fast!

Hope to have a Mommy/Daughter day with my Mom today - she's 82 years old. The plan is to spend a couple of hours with her today.

Thanks for sharing your pictures. Looking forward to seeing more!
Love & hugs,

Amy L Brooke said...

Very cute pictures. It does look like fun.

Chef Diane said...


I have two words "making memories". You look to have made some great ones. I love my mommy son time with each of the boys.

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BYW I have posted a new recipe on my Simply Elelgant site. Check it out.

Lynn Cowell said...

I have had several Mommy-daughter Days this summer and they have been by far some of my favorites. We have gone to Dish It Out, picnics, Carowinds and shopping. I only wish summer didn't come to an end!