Friday, July 25, 2008

Fun Friday:)

Like I said yesterday, my posts have been so serious lately. But in my defense, they have been a pleasure to write. It has been therapeutic for me...I'd use another word besides therapeutic here that a good friend of mine recently taught me, but I can't remember it; it started with a "c"...anyway, whatever, I'll continue with my thoughts. (edit here: Amy and Joy informed me that the word I was thinking of was "cathartic" words people...I just love you!) The writing, reading comments, receiving emails, discovering we are not alone and that we are indeed ok and normal, well, it's been a blessing to me. If I write about the very things that bring me the most pain and that I struggle with the most, it ends up actually helping me. Only God could use what Satan meant to harm me and bring beauty out of it. I Love Him, don't you?

Today, I listened to Lindsey Kane's CD, "Move Me Aside". Oh how I love her music. When I heard her sing for the very 1st time at She Speaks this year I absolutely fell in love with her sound. It was soft, mellow, folksy, and rockin all put together. Then I met her and realized she was just as beautiful as her music....inside and out! My favorite aspect to any song is the lyrics. If a song can tell a good story, I'm hooked. I think that's why I like Brad Paisley and Jimmy Buffett so much. You can say what you want about either of them, but you can't argue with their story telling abilities. Same with Carolyn Arrends and Nicole Nordeman. Great singers, great story tellers with their music. Lindsey had that affect on me.

Given what we've been discussing over the past week, and it ain't been too pretty, this music had me feeling beautiful and so in love with my Savior. And did I mention she writes her own songs???? Here's one titled, "Measure of Beauty"

All beautiful you are My darling
There is no flaw in you
I have to look away by one look of your eyes
You ravish My heart My sister My bride

Fearfully and wonderfully made are you
Cheerfully and beautifully formed are you
I will give you eyes to see the way that I measure beauty

Jesus give me eyes to see the way that You measure beauty
You are beautiful
You are beautiful
You are beautiful

Do you hear Jesus saying that to you? And each time He tells me that "I am beautiful", I add on, "No Matter What" because I just can't believe He would think such great things about me. Me. Me. Flawed, sinful, ugly, disturbed, misread, misunderstood, lacking, far from perfect, impulsive, etc etc me. That "Me" is beautiful. He says so and He knows all, so I really must be. Yeah! And it's fun Friday, so let's celebrate!

Right now, go put on your favorite music. Dance with your kids. Dance with your main man. Dance alone. No, don't dance alone, dance with God:) Dance with your pet. Sing loud. Sing soft. And if you can't do this physically right now, just close your eyes and imagine. Bring joy into your life, it's fun Friday and the God of the universe loves you and thinks that you are mighty special. He's with you , He's always been with you. Let the par-tay begin:)

Now, to end this very Fun Friday post, I'm going to share some pictures. Earlier in the month, I shared on this blog how visual I am. And that placing visual reminders around me is very helpful in me remembering who I am and Whose I am. My jewelry does this for me.

Bracelet: Silver, with the word "HOPE"...reminds me to keep hope and always believe:) I bought it for myself.
Rings: Middle finger ring says "4GVN"...reminds me that I am.
Given to me by my friend, Denise.
Pinky rings: My original wedding and engagement ring. Jeff gave me those almost 19 years ago. I will always treasure these.
Rings: Wedding ring is new. Just got it last month. A renewal of commitment from my husband. I love the simplicity of the platinum band.
Ring on pointer, has a "J" on it. For Jeff, my amazing husband.
Bracelets: Cross on one-that's obvious, points me to Jesus.
Verse on the other one- Mark 10:27, With God All Things Are Possible:)
Have a wonderful and beautiful weekend friends. Thank you for encouraging me and reminding me that I'm not alone in this life. And now let's go have fun! Bye-bye!
****One request. Please pray for my dad. He went into the hospital while on vacation this week in Myrtle Beach, SC. Thank you.


Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul said...

Thank you so much for checking out my blog. I am still learning to give thanks in EVERY situation and to praise continually. My hubs was going through a very difficult situation as I was writing my blogs and I can see how God used this avenue to protect me from those same issues!

I will have to say, though, that as a couple we have begun reading through Psalms and when push came to shove in the situation, I saw him choose the God way - this is a new feeling for him and it was awesome to be a part of!

Okay, I could write a book if left to myself for too long! Thanks for all you do in the Kingdom of God! Your story has touched so many lives, including mine and I am thankful!!!

Pamela in TX

Mari said...

First, Let me say I'll be praying for your dad. Since I don't know the specifics, I'll let the Holy Spirit lead. He's real good at that :)

And as far as dancing goes, it's my favorite. My family is always rolling their eyes at me because I'm dancing and singing to and worship music. And I sing LOUD!

Anyway thanks for Fun Friday. Enjoy your weekend.

Joyful said...

As I forgot to do this on your other blog, I'll do it here:

"cathartic" - relieving of emotional tension, purging, alleviating of fears, problems and complexes by bringing them to consciousness or giving them expression.

Sorry, I really am a "word nerd"!
Love ya,
Have a great weekend.
Praying for your Dad,

Lynn Cowell said...

I have been praying for your dad. Keep us posted on how he is doing.
I can't believe all of you are going to do Kiawah. I did a 1/2 when I was 16. I read Renee's blog to my husband and he said "Let's do it!". What a commitment...not sure I can get my dog to move that fast every morning!