Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Beach is Therapeutic

It is!!!! I've been here since Saturday, June 27th. Ahhh. From the moment I saw the surf and took a whif of the salty air, I was relaxed.

I'm with my husband's family. His parents. His grandmothers. His aunt. My children. What a blessing. As I watch all the interaction, I am just so thankful. We have age 7-91 here. How cool is that?

My family is great, but we have divorce on so many sides. We could never do a family beach trip involving so many generations. We have other great times, but a trip with 4 generations present will not happen on my side. I have been very observant on this trip. And I feel extremely blessed. I'm watching my family.....the interaction between the great grands and the grand kids. It's amazing. It's a blessing. I look at each one and think, "God created each one of these beautiful human beings for a purpose. And here they are together." I look at Hayley Grace, who is only 7, and watch her hold hands with her 86 year old great grandmother. It brings tears to my eyes. I hope I'm holding my great grand daughter's hand when I'm 86.

For the 1st 3 days here I literally, stayed in a beach surf chair during the day and just hung out with the family at night. Every day, I sat in a low seated beach chair where the water could wash up and cool me off. I read 2 books those 3 days. (A Bend in the Road and The Shack) "The Shack" overwhelmed me. In a good way. It has caused me to just talk to God nonstop. I love Him and I feel closer to Him. It is a must read in my opinion.

Before I came to the beach, I had been spending most nights at the hospital with my Mom. It was hard for me to leave her and come here. I felt a little guilty. Tricia, my sister, is now staying with Mom at night. Because she is here, I can be at the beach with my family. And oh, how I needed this.

We have celebrated 3 birthdays on this trip. Hayden turned 14 on June 29th. Big Granny turned 86 on July 1st. And Dylan turns 12 on July 2nd. Lots of cake, lots of celebration, lots of memories. Lots of treasures.

I feel like I have been to therapy, only therapy never felt so good. I needed this trip.

Tomorrow brings another day of surf, sand, wind, and relaxation. I hope to be able to relax and maybe even read another book before returning to reality!

Thank you for your prayers and love. Mom is still holding on.

Much Love,



Joyful said...

Oh Melissa, I'm so glad for this time of refreshing the Lord has provided for you. I was at the 100 day mark of daily visitation with my Dad before I had opportunity to get away, and I know how much my day was needed...and enjoyed!

Don't feel guilty! You are a great daughter and you've been doing so much for all your family. Accept and receive this time as a gift from the Lord. Enjoy the unwrapping of each day and cherish the moments that have been packaged by His hand just for you.

Sending hugs, love and prayers,

Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

So glad you are feeling refreshed!

We are beach-bound in a few days ourselves!

Angie said...

I am so glad to hear this from you.
That has been my prayer for you to find the rest and relaxation you so desperately needed. To reconnect with your family and to be filled emotionally and physically returning refreshed ia all ways.

Continue to take in everything everyday and enjoy yourself.

Watch out for the influence of grandma' might turn into a wrastlin chick...LOL

Love and (((HUGS)))

Linda said...

I agree wholeheartedly. The beach is so very relaxing and theraputic. God knew what some of us earth bound people needed just as some need the mountains, yes?

Your Mom is so often in my thoughts and prayers. You shouldn't feel guilty. I am sure that if there were just one thing your Mom would want that would be a godly daughter, and she has that.

It brought tears to my eyes to hear you speak of the 7 year old and great grandma and hoping to someday hold hands with your great grand daughter. That time together is so precious.

Melissa said...

We've had so much fun! Tonight we had family game night. Me and Aunt Dorothy, who is 75, had a fall during the 3 legged race! OUch. She's fine. My knee is all swollen. I only hope I'm doing so good in 30 years! It's been a great time!

Chef Diane said...


The beach is where I feel the closest to God. Sitting just as you describes with the water washing over my feet. The thing that amazes me, is that every time the water hits the shoreline - it changes it. Just as our life is changing every minute of our lives.

I am so glad you were able to get away with loved ones. Get some fresh air and new strength. The Shack is an awesome book, glad you got to read it. Prayers as your mom went back into surgery and will be still in the hospital.
See you soon dear friend,

Tracie Miles said...

Im so glad to hear you were able to get away and get some "therapy". I am the same way, in that the beach makes me feel more at peace and closer to God than anyone else. Ill be thinking about you as you transition back into reality this week. Glad to hear your mom is doing okay. See you soon!

Amy Carroll said...

I read the Carebridge update from your sister and wept. I'm so sad that your mom didn't get to go home this week.

Even though I can't figure out how to leave a comment on the Caringbridge (pathetic!), you and your mom are constantly in my prayers.

I'm thankful that the beach was so theraputic. You'll go back refreshed and ready to minister to your mom again. I'm sure that your sister was grateful for the time to spend with her.

A big hug (soon in person!),