Friday, March 13, 2009

Love the Weekend

I left my mom's house this morning. Just like old times when I used to live at home, I overslept. Typically I wake up early, raring to go. But for the past 2 days I've been visiting with mom. It's the first visit I can remember that I didn't have kids with me. It was just me. It reminded me of when I was in high school and could just lay around the house, watch TV, and be the child! It was wonderful.

Of course, there were differences. Besides the fact that I'm not 17 anymore, the roles were a little reversed. I took care of mom. She was very sick. Although I didn't do a whole lot to make her feel better, I did keep her company. We had moments of conversation, laughter, and comfortable silence. I will treasure those 2 days for the rest of my life and hope to have more of them in the future.

I think I was so relaxed and enjoying my time with mom that sleeping in just seemed right. I woke up and saw the clock and jumped out of bed. Within 15 minutes I was on the road, back to Charlotte. My mother was still sleeping. I returned back to my regular, carpool, laundry, kids.....but also the weekend.

I love the weekend! Our weekends would probably seem boring to most. We are homebodies. I haven't seen my husband and kids for 2 days. I am ready for a weekend at home with my family, watching basketball, and hangin out. Quite a week and ready for the weekend.

While my emotions and feelings are all over the place, I am thankful for the simple pleasures that bring comfort. Time with my mother. Returning to my home sweet home. And the weekend. I love the weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend.




Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

My favorite kind of weekends also. Glad you could spend time with your Mom.


Joyful said...

We Brown's are homebodies too! I love time at home with family.

So glad you had such a special couple of days with your Mom. It was wonderful to talk to you tonight.

Love ya so much my friend,

Running My Race said...

Praying for you my friend!!! Enjoy your family this weekend.
I loved the picture of you and your mom, great smiles...


Chef Diane said...


Isn't it great to have both kinds of places. I know the time you spent with you mom were memories made for a live time. Treasure them forever. I think it is awesome to have a husband and children that know how important that is to you.
Love you and sending love and prayers,

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

I'm so glad you got to spend that quality time with your Mother.....and speaking from a Mother's perspective....I know she loved having you spend time with her! It probably helped her better than a medicine!

God bless you!


Anonymous said...

What a blessed time for you and your mom, and now for you and your family. Thank you for sharing about it. Each day is precious and you are living that way. Holding you and your mom and family in prayer.

Anonymous said...


My family are "homebodies" too!

So glad that you had some special time with just your mom. You both have the same smile...beautiful!


Srini said...

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