Sunday, October 26, 2008

Who Knew? Not me!

Before last summer, it had been 15-17 years since I had read a novel. Now I was reading. And I read a lot. But they were books that educated me, taught me, directed me, encouraged me, or equipped me. I've read mostly Bible study books and topical help me books. I love to read and I love to read about God growing in my faith. I quit reading fiction/novels because I felt like they were trashing up my mind. At least the ones I used to read were. I knew there were Christian novels, but I assumed they would be boring. I hate writing that, but I'm being honest. I'm so estatic and excited that I was WRONG!!!!!

In August I read my first Christian novel. It was Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. I couldn't put it down. It was filled with love, romance, and it had an edge. It took me away just like novels and soap operas used to do. My love for "reading for pleasure" was renewed.

The next book I picked up was Redemption by Karen Kingsbury. I was drawn in again. This time I was blessed by the surprise that this was the first in a series of books about the Baxter family. I've read 5 more books by KK since, all about the same family, who I have fallen in love with.

What has most surprised me is that while I picked up these fiction books to escape from real life, they have become encouraging, inspiring, counseling, and like a role model family to me. This fictional family has become a great example to me of dealing with life and all of its problems. They have become a great example of God's forgiveness, cleansing, redemption, and love. I am hooked!

Have you noticed that I haven't blogged on any of my blogs lately???? I have been busy. And I have had a lot going on. But I've also been reading!

Who knew? Not me! But I'm glad I do now! And I'm going to keep reading.

I just started Forgiven now and I need to go now because I'm very anxious to find out if Ashley and Landon will have a baby and know if Dayne will find Katy and his family in Bloomington when he's there filming his movie.

:) Hugs, Smiles, and Happy Reading,



Joyful said...

Well, I won't tell you how it ends :o) So glad you're enjoying reading. I've always been a huge Karen Kingsbury fan. I also really enjoy Francine Rivers. I think I might have mentioned this before, but you must read the "Mark of the Lion" trilogy by Rivers. That series made such an impact on me. I was slow getting into the first book, but then it grabbed me and I couldn't put it down! The message of forgiveness was powerful. There's also a series by Chaiken that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Reading has always been a wonderful past-time for me. From the time I was little, a new book has been one of my greatest delights. Enjoy and be thankful for the ability and pleasure in reading.

Continuing in prayer for you.
Love & hugs,

Anonymous said...

glad to have you back to blogging! i love to read! sometimes I won't start a book because it is so distracting that i get nothing else done in a day!
i just love Beverly Lewis books--very easy reading and i just finished the "Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. not necessarily a christian book but very encouraging. happy reading!


Cheri Bunch said...

I could have written this blog! I too have abstained from fiction for soooo long. I felt I was wasting time. I would try to read a novel once and awhile but often without success. I just couldn't get into them.

Recently I was inspired at a Christian bookstore to pick up some novels. I was stirred by some really great covers! : )

I found some real treasures.

My favorite fiction author is Tamera Alexander. I loved her work so much, I got on her blog and read every bit of it. She is rich with talent.

I think fiction is good for stirring up the right brain. I had become so left brained in my writing I needed some stimulation to get the creative juices flowing again.

Who would have thought that this was the Lord's plan, but I feel just like you, that the Lord has blessed me abundantly through the fiction world.

Thanks for sharing this. You made me smile!

Sweet blessings,

Heather K. said...

Yay!! You may be back! I have been reading your blogs every since I read one of your daily devotionals on sexual abuse and have been finding encouragement and joy in your posts on both your blogs. You have helped me to go further in my healing and taught me some things I need to know/hear.

I've missed your posts and hope God is wrapping his arm around you and your mom and the rest of your family.

Oh and I'm VERY glad you have found the joy again in fiction. I love to read too and I have found Christian ficition to be more filling than the secular kind. And now I have to check out the series you and Joy mentioned.

Addicted to the written Word,

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa. I love reading, although I go in spurts. Sometimes I can't stop and then I have a season of no reading at all... it's kinda weird~

Anyway, I found you today through the P31 magazine. I too suffer with depression. It was great to have a headline article on the subject. Thank you for "coming clean" and shedding light on a dark subject.


Anonymous said...

That Karen Kingsbury series is GREAT!! I just recently finished the last book in the Sunrise series and was so sad it ended! I hope she comes out with more Baxter Family updates! I, too, found the books inspiring and influential to the way I'd like to build my own family unit. I'm glad you are experiencing it, too!!