Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dealing With Real Life

My, life has thrown a few curve balls lately, but doesn't it always???? Yes it does.

I honestly don't know how people survive without a faith in God. I really don't. Because if God isn't real, then we are just doomed and there is nothing to live for. But I know God is real and there is everything to live for!

Life is very tough at times. Kids struggling. Finances. Time to do all that is needed. Mom has cancer. Yes, life is tough. But, I've learned to deal with it. That doesn't mean that I don't struggle, cry, or dislike what comes my way. But it means that I take care of myself and have learned how to deal with hard times. At least for now.

Things I do to deal:

1. Pray. I hate when people say that "all we can do is pray". "All we can do is pray" is A LOT!!!! It's our honor and privilege to pray. Prayer brings peace and comfort to any situation.

2. Read. Find comfort first in the Scriptures. But also take time for enjoyment and relaxation. I have read a few novels lately that have not only taken me away but also ministrered to me because they were stories of value. I love reading.

3. Spend time with family and friends. And do not take for granted sweet times together.

4. Watch football. I love football and it takes my mind off my problems.

5. Count my blessings.

6. Seek counseling when needed. Don't let that be a sign of weakness, but strength.

7. Watch movies. Fun and enjoyable ones.

8. Come up with a plan. Don't ignore life or it's problems. Be proactive. Come up with a plan. Involve someone else in your plan so you aren't alone.

9. Ask God for help and guidance.

10. Keep on keepin' on. Don't stop or shut down. Keep talking. Keep going to church. Keep believing. Sing.

Yes, that's how I survive. Life is a gift. Our life has purpose. Each life has a purpose. We live, laugh, cry, and carry on.

How do you deal with real life?

I'd love to hear.

Take care.



Joyful said...

How do you deal with real life? First of all, I acknowledge that it is 'real'. Too often we can ignore 'it' or hope that 'it' will go away, (whatever 'it' is), but I think we have to come to grips with what is real. I'm a huge fan of the Pollyanna "Glad Game", but not at the expense of living in a make-believe world. Everything isn't always good, but we can still rejoice in a God who is!

Then, I pray, pray, pray. I pour out my heart in honesty before the Lord. I hold on to His promises and listen for His heartbeat.

I heard recently that we need to have something to look forward to every day - even if it's even 5 minutes to sit down with a cup of tea before the children come home from school. I liked that idea. Maybe it could be a quick phone call to a friend, a walk around the block, a favourite's endless, but something that you can look forward to each day.

Life is short, and even in the rough times we need to find moments of joy. Time in God's presence can bring that refreshing. When dealing with 'real life', I'm glad I have a 'real God' who sees and knows and is in control.

Keeping it real,

Chef Diane said...

Good topic,

When I have prayed and put it in God's hand, then I do what and told, just live. Sometimes it means that you put one foot in front of the other. Sometimes it is simply taking the next breath with the confidence the God is in control. In my opinion yes prayer is first and not taken lightly. But God has given us minds and body to carry out the leg work.
Sometimes we need our Christian friends to pick us up, pull us out of the clouds. Sometimes we need them to hold our hands, hug us or just sit quietly with us. I think with all the events that are in my life, it is so important to live inspite of the hard times. I have a policy with myself. I only allow 15 min. pity parties, then I move on with the self centered part of what ever is going on..
Love ya,

Bobbi said...

Great blog post and so timely. I've had a little anxiety over the current economy but know that all I can do is trust in God...because it all pales in comparison to HIM. My list would be identical to yours of how I deal with real life! Thanks for the encouragment.

Anonymous said...


My prayers are with you. My dad just passed away a week ago. He was a cancer survivor (an inoperable tumor in his brain that "disappeared"), but ended up having kidney and liver failure. I know my faith has gotten me through this. Watching him leave this earthly world and move into the heavenly world was beautiful. We know friends and family came from heaven to lead him home.

I pray that God touches you and your family and provides the healing He deems appropriate upon your mom.


Sandy said...

I light a Pumpkin Pie Scented Yankee Candle and have a dance party with my kids in the kitchen. It makes me laugh, burns some calories and helps me to cherish the things going right in my life.

Sandy Cooper

Joy in The Truth (Sharon Sloan) said...

Love this. Dealing with life by quiet time with His each morning. His Word sustains and satisfies. His hope. His truth.

My hubby. My kids. Faithful friends. And yes...chocolate!

Love you! :)

Kristine said...

Thank you for posting this list Melissa. I have been dealing with a lot lately and needed to see something like this. Also, thank you for your honesty. It is nice to know that there are "real" Christian women out there.

Cheri Bunch said...

One thing that helped me a great deal when going through season that seemed to be full of stuff!!!! Real life stuff!!!! was a book called Streams in the Desert. It is a little devotional and the writers seemed to have been on my trail and knew exactly where I was needing to go for help. It a huge blessing to me. A friend gave it to me and I have since passed it along to many others. It is one of the greatest resources of my life.

Thank you for sharing.

Life is in seasons. New seasons will come. These hard seasons make us even stronger for times to come.
I will pray for you! Blessings, Cheri

Truth4thejourney said...

Hi Melissa,

This is a great post for me to read today. I was just posting about my attitude during tough times. My attitude has to stay focused on God's word for the situation and I need to guard against negative thoughts.

I especially agreed with the part about not giving up! Just keep going. I need to remember that at times. :)


Anonymous said...


I said a prayer for you right now as you are dealing with real life. I know that it has been a while since you have post so I can assume that real life is still happening.

I am not dealing with real life real well right now. I found out this week that my blood pressure is high, my cholesterol is high and add 30 lbs overweight and for 42 years old it is all NOT good.

On top of that I have had to be in contact with 2 of my boys teachers on issues. Not behavior issues but classroom struggles.

I feel like right now dealing with real life is simply one foot in front of the other and prayer for strength in each moment. I have begun walking everyday (which I don't like to exercise) but God has provided everday a sunrise that I never take the time to see. He is good!

bless you today,
Kim from PA

Daphne said...

I totally agree that I cannot fathom how people who do not know the lod survive. Life can be really overwhelming at times.
I walk around with a MP3 player in my bag. Music soothes me. I find that when I can calm my mind and spirit I am able to think better.
And when I cannot even think I continue to listen as it keeps my focus on God's power. I face the emotional state I am in and pray my way to peace and renewal. A little time-out always helps.

Terry said...

The first thing I know to do is run to the Lord in prayer. Hey, but that's always. There have been some very "Real" things that I've been dealing with concerning my health but my trust is absolutely in my precious Saviour. It's not to say it's not been difficult. I've been out of work for two months now and don't know if or when I'll be able to return. But I believe the Lord has a purpose and a good plan in all things and will see me through. One of my prayers is always that I don't miss God's purpose.

Even though my energy level has been limited I am so grateful for the extra time I've had with the Lord to seek Him out and to listen to His heart, to write down my thoughts and to cry at His feet; there is no better place.

Each day I do get out with my dog, Gideon for a walk and I enjoy my pets and nature immensely. I have cats as well and they always make me smile. I love to curl up with them for a nap. Short, funny and uplifting Christian devotionals are good medicine as well. I have to encourage myself in the Lord.

The joy of the Lord truly is my strength and He takes me from glory to glory. I know that it's in "Real" life that He refines my character and makes me more like Jesus. I pray He has His way. I love You, Lord!

May God bless you all,
P.S. It's in the "Real" that I found this blog. What a blessing!