Sunday, March 2, 2008

Running Away

It was just too funny not to share....although my daughter said she'd "kill" me if I did! But I have to. Plus I just want to write it down so I never forget it.

Hayley Grace(6) and Dylan (10) were playing outside. And they were playing so well together....until....Dylan came inside and announced he wasn't playing with Hayley Grace anymore. Shortly after he came in Hayley Grace announced that her feelings were hurt and she was running away. We all just went along with it.

"Bye Hayley Grace, can I have your room now?" (Hayden)
"We'll miss you Hayley Grace...look out for wild animals at night." (Blake)
"I'm going to miss you Hayley Grace. Take your blankie so you'll stay warm." (Me)
"Mom, are you really going to let her leave?" (Dylan...seriously beginning to get worried)
"I love you Hayley Grace." (Daddy)
And she was gone.

1. Here she is saying "Good-bye" to Princess.

2. There she goes...down the steps. Sniff Sniff..

3. "Good-Bye Hayley Grace!" There she goes down the driveway.

4. Dylan can't stand it...bless his heart...he goes running after his little sister. "Hayley Grace come back! I'll play with you! Don't leave!"

And she did. She came home, unpacked her suitcase and the Taylor family is all back together. Just the way we like it:)

Blessings and lots of love,



Nani said...

Poor thing! I hope Lilo doesn't do that!

momofalexis said...

My daughter did that one time! I was worried she wouldn't come back for years, years, years . . . she made me feel like a moron!

Melissa said...

The first 2 comments were faked by my 14 year old son...he's hilarious isn't he?

Never a dull moment in the Taylor home:)


Digging for Pearls said...

I remember years ago when my youngest son decided he was going to run away too. He made it as far as the driveway. :)

Michelle Bingham said...

It sounds like you have something going on all the time at your house! TOO funny.

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

Oh my goodness, what a great story. Having kids provides great material, doesn't it?! And I do love your son's comments, they cracked me up!


Charlene Kidd said...

I had one do that last week too. Ryan my 12 year old took off on his sisters bike (his is broken), on that cold rainy Tuesday. He did not think any one loved him. I was going to write about it, then I saw your post and thought I would just put it here!!! I was thinking I was the only one going through it. Thankfully he had a cell phone, and answered it so I could let him know he could come home when he was ready. He was gone about an hour.
Love ya,

K. Langston said...

Hey, I did that, too, in the first grade. She got a lot farther than I did...I didn't make it out of my room but I packed a mean bag. (Forgot the junk food. Probably why I never left...)


Christie Todd said...

Too funny! I'm glad you took pictures, I never think to. Thanks for sharing

Marybeth said...

cute post Melissa! Very cute idea to take pictures of the ordeal-- I know this will crack her up someday!!