Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The word has been a weakness of mine for as long as I can remember!!! I am the type of person that can come up with the best plans, wonderful goals, great ideas, and usually a super jump start. Motivation lasts for a while. Then fizzle. Crazy life. Interferences. Work. Fizzle. Laziness. Gone are the plans I once had. What happened to the great plan? Am I making sense here?

I've always known that this is a problem for me, but recently I have been really convicted about it. My lack of discipline is quite obvious if you know me and have a window's peek into my life. It's gotten to the point that it's affected my stress level and my self confidence. The Lord has ever so gently pressed into me that it's time to do something about it. So, I began studying the most disciplined person I know on this Earth, my 15 yr old son, Blake.

No kidding, Blake is wise and mature way beyond his years. I always tell him that I want to be just like him when I grow up. Blake has a way of following through on what he begins. He says "no" to what would get in the way of what he is supposed to do. He says "yes" to the things he is able to do. He studies days before his tests. He gets up early to read his Bible. He sticks to the schedule he has set for himself. If he knows he has a big day the next day, he goes to bed early. If he has a project, he plans it, makes a list of needed materials, and finishes before it's actually due. When Blake decides to do something, he does it. All of the kids have certain chores and responsibilities. He is the only one that I do not have to remind. He just does it.

I told my husband last week, "If a 15 yr old can be so disciplined, surely I can do better than I'm doing." In my quiet time, I felt like the Lord was telling me...."that's right Melissa, you can and you should."

During different seasons of my life I have chosen areas to focus on for a while. For instance, once I selected simplicity and therefore simplifying my life was my focus. Another time, I selected marriage and my marriage was my primary focus. Other areas have been integrity, friendships, monotasking, organization, and motherhood. I don't always have a specified areas I'm working on, in fact, usually I don't. But when I do, that's what I study in Scripture, pray about, and work to apply God's way of achieving it in my life.

In keeping with my new area of focus, I must quit writing here. I am also committed to write on my other blog tonight and I'd like to read a little before I go to bed.

If you have any thoughts on discipline in your life, please share. I love your insight and wisdom!! And I also like knowing who else struggles like I do :)

Love and Blessings,


During seasons


Anonymous said...

Oh my, that could have been me writing that blog! Except my Blake is the totaly opposite, he is just like me. My biggest challenge is finishing a task..... I have several things going at once, and I hardly get anything done. My husband can run circles around me. The guilt of that is unbearable. He works so hard, travels 3 nights a week,and runs another family business on the side. I seem to just spin my wheels. Really. And I am exhausted doing it. I am very unorganized, but spend lots of time "organizing"... Thanks for your writings..... they make me laugh some days, reflect some days, and know there is someone like me.

Stephenie said...

I can so relate to you Melissa. I know I should be disciplined, but I am far from it. That gets followed up with beating myself up for not being disciplined. My 9 year old daughter and wondeful husband are extremely disciplined and organized though. I get frustrated because I know that getting myself disciplined is needed and very possible. I'm so glad I'm not alone in this. Thanks for sharing.

Angie said...

This subject just keeps popping up day after day with me. No less than six times since last Wednesday I have read a devotion or blog on this subject. The reason....I am in the same situation. I am being disiplined. I know it, I really don't like it and right now it is stinking hard!

But because I continue to see this subject pop up, it is like He is telling me, just listen...be obedient...and things will turn around.

Thank you for these words today and another slap on my hand.

Anonymous said...

Where do I start? It seems as though there are countless things that I would like to do. I have a hard time myself finishing things. It used to not be that way when I was in school. However, a husband and four children later....I have a hard time getting all the things I need to get done...done! I am really making an effort to read my Bible everyday. God is speaking to me and I am working on things. I read Marybeth's devo/blog yesterday about "just do the next thing". That is exactly what I need to do! I also need to make lists and not stop until I get those things accomplished (with God's help!).

JottinMama said...

I love this topic.

I learned a lot about discipline as I watched my husband play college football. He was a walk-on when he first started - and he had to work EXTRA hard simply to stay on the team. Since he was very diligent and disciplined - he not only stayed on the team, but eventually got a scholarship and a spot on the field. He now approaches his work life and such the same way. I admire his "stick-with-it-ness". It inspires me and keeps me focused.

Another cool thing I've learned about discipline is that I can't do it apart from God. It's humbling and uplifting all at the same time!

Great post! Have an awesome weekend!

Blessing to you,
Kate :)

Lynn Cowell said...

I totally agree that discipline is important, but one thing I have learned from living with a VERY disciplined person is that our personalities also come into play. Some are naturally more disciplined and others need God to intervene ALL the time to help us out. Keep your heart set towards Him and ask Him to work the discipline out in you. You obey, He'll bless!
Love you my friend!

Sandy in Holiday,FL said...

This is not to make excuses, nor discredit the disciplined people in our lives, but I find they are usualy only responsible for themselves. Not five other persons' laundry, meals, transportation, listening ears, in-law responsibilities, aging parents, provision of extra income, buying of gifts, emergency laundry situations, filling in for the plumber who can't be there for two days, neighbors in need and the list goes on, I think I made my point.
And those of us who need lists of lists and leave at least one at home when we get to the store should consider it a thorn in the flesh to keep us humble, to keep us ever clinging to Jesus, and to show His Glory when we still manage to get through it all with I might add a smile on our face. I'm not promoting slothfulness, nor procrastination (both sin) but so is NOT learning "It is good to grasp the one and not let go of the other. The man (woman) who fears God will avoid all extremes. Ecc.7:18NIV
I'm all for the team effort but not everyone is the quarterback, coach, running back, kicker, or cheer leader! And let us not forget the players don't usually do their own laundry, except for my husband they do in my family. And that's not to say he doesn't know how to use one!) I could write more, but my youngest (who's the most incredibly disciplined one in our family, graduating Suma Cum Laude, upper 20's in her class of over 600, is graduating tonight and I want to surprise her with pancakes for breakfast!) (It's on my list!) Before I do the pancakes though, I am going to pray for all of us to be able to complete that which we know the Lord wants us to do......next. To Him be the Glory! Amen

Sandy in Holiday,FL said...

I wish I had spelled usually correctly. :) And I have time to leave this comment???????? Not really, but my English major son would probably appreciate the apology!