Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Me and Jeff!

If you asked me what was the best weekend I had ever had in my life was, I could tell you without a doubt. In fact, it just happened.

My husband and I are celebrating our 19 year marriage anniversary on February 10th. If you've read my blog ever, then you know that the past few years have not been easy for us. But we never gave up. We believed in our marriage, each other, and that God could restore what had been lost. I'm so thankful that both of us were so committed. We are back and better than ever.

We went away alone together. Our great friends, Kenny and Denise, have a mountain house. I asked them if we could use it for an anniversary getaway and they were thrilled to offer it. I really wanted to surprise Jeff with the weekend. But Jeff hates surprises. So, 2 weeks ago, I told him about it. And we have been looking forward to it ever since. It way surpassed my expectations.

Of course, about 5 zillion things tried to keep us from leaving on time. Work, kid issues, etc etc....we finally left Charlotte at 6:30 pm. And arrived in paradise at 9:00.

Our getaway home was located in the NC mountains. It was unseasonably warm, which was great with me. We spent our first night laying out on the upper deck of the house. We could see every star God created. The moon was almost full. We even heard coyotes howling. Amazing. It was night that I am certain God created just for us. Perfect. No interruptions. It's crazy how much you can talk about when no one is around to interrupt you. We just talked, laughed, danced, and did other husband and wife activities. :)

Saturday was a day I'll never forget. Probably most of all because it is one of the only days I remember that I never looked at the time or worried about it. We woke up whenever. Had coffee unaware of the time. Took a drive on the Blueridge Parkway. Went into Boone, where both of us went to college. Then went back on the parkway and had a picnic. Headed back to the house when we noticed the sun was setting. So relaxing. So fun. We really enjoyed each other. We were able to complete sentences. The day ended with us returning to our mountain getaway, watching a movie, cooking dinner, taking a bubble bath, and gazing at the stars again. Paradise.

Take a look:

Jeff standing (posing) in the middle of an open field. Just look at the beautiful color of the sky!

And here is Jeff in our old stomping grounds. Back in the day, this was the TKE House at Appalachian State University. Jeff lived there. (He's posing again.)

This is Josh. Some call him Joshua. He is as much a part of Boone, NC as The Daniel Boone Inn. He has walked the streets of Boone with no real home for years and years. He was there 20 years ago when we went to school there, and we were so excited to see him still there today. And yes, that is his hair you are seeing.

Our little picnic spot on the Blueridge Parkway at the Moses Cone House.

The view from our picnic. Look lakes freeze in NC too!

The view from the top! This was the view from the home where we stayed. Amazing!

No better way to end a fabulous day than with a fabulous bubble bath in a huge jacuzzi tub.

Sunday morning came too soon. Although no alarm clock woke us up, we knew that once we got up, it would be time to enter back into the "real world" again soon.

Did we have a great time together? Yes.
Do I recommend some time away together for every couple? Yes.
Did I miss my kids? No. (sorry, but I didn't!)
Do I feel like our marriage was officially restored? Yes.

Jeff, If and when you read this...I want you to know how much I choose to love you. Thank you so much for making me a priority in your life. Because of you, I am a better person than I ever dreamed I could be. The Love Dare comes easy when it's you I'm daring to love! My tank is full. This was the best weekend of my life.

19 years of marriage doesn't come easy. But the view from the top is worth every bit of work and effort.

Happy Anniversary to Me and, it seems like just yesterday that I walked down the aisle to become his wife. Best decision I ever made.




Running My Race said...

:) Great blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you my friend....

Joyful said...

Happy Anniversary Melissa and Jeff! Oh, may the Lord continue to bless you with Paradise moments and mountain getaways. I loved how you wrote Melissa that "the Love Dare comes easy when it's you I'm daring to love". Beautiful.

Your view from the top is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Love, hugs and continued prayers for God's blessing on you both,

Cheri Bunch said...

Awesome! Just Awesome! Do you think your friend would share the cabin with some Kansas folk? : )
You have stirred up some dreams!!!!!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Wow ... great post. Sounds like an awesome weekend! And that is a beautiful picture of you guys with the post!


Chef Diane said...


I am so happy for you and Jeff. Hearing your story does give me some renewed hope for my marriage.
God bless my friend,
Great pics,

Anonymous said...

You make me want to be a better wife, person and mother. Congratulations --- you hit so close to my favorite saying....the more challenging the climb the more rewarding the view. Hugs to you both! Best ---- Ann

Allison said...

I'm sorry you guys had some rocky spots in your past. Marriage is never easy, but I can definitely personally's great to have that someone you know is truly made for you, and awesome to celebrate that love!

I'm proud to have been my hubby's wife for the last 13 years :-D It's not always easy, but I can truly say he's the one, our marriage is God centered, and I'm lucky to have him!

Charlene Kidd said...

Hugs my friend. I know how much this meant to you both. I am so proud of you.

Rachel Olsen said...


I know your marraige has had plenty of rough spots but you are always willing to be transparent about them and God not only restores you and Jeff, he uses your story to restore other marriages too. Praise be to God! And warm wishes to you, my dear friend.

Micca said...

The bathtub!! Girl, too much information!

Glad you had a great anniversary!!


Renee Swope said...

This made me cry!!! And then feel totally jealous of such an amazing weekend. Girl, I gotta get-away with my man soon. You have completely inspired me!

Seriously, my heart is so full of thanks and joy for you and Jeff to have had this amazing weekend to look back on and celebrate. You so deserve what you have worked so hard to gain. I love you girl and I am so stinkin' proud of you for loving in such an extravagant and daring way! Again, you inspire me.

Love you!

Wendy Blight said...


You make me want to do this!! After praying so much for you and your marriage the last few years, what a wonderful blessing to read your words and see your full of love, joy, and REST!! Love you, friend,


Tracie Miles said...

Melissa - I had to read your post today because a friend told me about your story - and wow, it is wonderful! Definitely gives us all the motivation to get away with our hubbies and remember that the two of us is more important than anything. So happy for you friend!

Cathy said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I loved reading your story!

Jeanies Heavenly Treasures said...

What an Awesome Testimony of you and your husbands journey! I can defintely see how God is using this to change other's marriages!
Happy Anniversay! My prayer is that God will continue to use you both!
I am adding you to my blog!