Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Can I Bring?

Today we had our office Christmas party. Each year, we gather together and take a little time away from work just to laugh, relax, eat, and exchange gifts. We have a $10 limit, and it's one of those parties where you can steal someone else's gift depending on when it's your turn. I never know what to get for these things. I want to get something unique and special, but I'm not very creative and $10 isn't much. Well, this year I had a great idea. In fact, I think it was a divine idea.

I went to Hallmark and bought a Willowtree Angel. The Angel of Prayer ornament. This was within my $10 limit. But I wasn't satified with it. As I was wrapping it, I asked God, what else can I bring. And He said, "prayer". So, that's what I brought.

I gave the Willowtree Angel of Prayer. And I enclosed a card. The card said:

"To My Friend,

I hope you like the Angel of Prayer I'm giving you. But that's not all. I promise that I will pray for you by name today and each day in 2009. Your good and bad days, you can be rest assured that someone is in your corner and praying for you by name."

Samantha got my gift first. But then Holly stole it. Can you believe Holly stole prayer from Samantha???? Ha! I'm so glad she did! but I gave all that to God. I knew that whoever God intended would end up with my gift. And it was Holly. I've always wanted to get to know Holly better and now I have the perfect opportunity for just that.

I will pray for Samantha every day. I've decided that. And I also have the awesome priviledge to pray for Holly too.

I could've paid for the greatest gift of all. No money, however, could've bought prayer.

So, if you really want to know "What Can I Bring?" You can bring prayer. It was the best gift of the day. What more could anyone ask for?




Joyful said...

Oh Melissa, I would have been tempted to steal that gift as well :o) We all need prayer, and to know that someone is committing to do that every day for a year - WOW!!!! Prayer is definitely the most precious gift we can give another.

I've given that "Angel of prayer" to others before - at specific times - to let them know I'm praying them through a situation. Your idea was divine - and I'm envious of the gift Holly received. She's fortunate I wasn't there...but then again...I would have had a hard time taking that gift from Holly because she's been such a special friend to me. To be honest, I don't think I could have done it. I love her so much I'd want her to keep that gift of prayer. :o)

Beautiful idea my friend. You have moved me to tears this morning. Tears of delight and tears of longing over such a precious gift. I love your heart!

Praying for YOU today!

Joyful said...

PS. You mean you can buy "Willow Trees" in the States for under $10.00!!!!! They are at least $15.00 North of the border.

Anonymous said...

the best gift...prayer.

there is such comfort knowing that others are praying for me...and i want to do that for others too!

great gift idea!

blessing & hugs,

Terry Lang said...

What an absolutely beautiful gift giving idea! There is no greater gift than the gift of prayer. How awesome!

Thank you so much for sharing.


P.S. I think I'll use this one myself.

Cheri Bunch said...

I love this, Melissa!
I have not been in the mood to shop this Christmas! Prayer is the best gift of all! I am more excited about this idea than any I have had so far! Thank you for sharing it! Now I am going to pray about who to bless this way!
Merry Christmas blessings to you and yours!
Love you,