Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend Fun

Oh, what a fun weekend I had!

My friends Layne and Jenny are turning 40. To celebrate they got two condos in Blowing Rock, NC and we had a fun girl's weekend. We had dinner, went for a hike, went shopping, had dinner again, listened to a band, sang, dance, talked, laughed, talked about old times, met some new friends and I got food poisoning...that's right, food poisoning.

In the midst of all this fun, I ate some bad crab cakes. Within 30 minutes I was in extreme pain and racing for the bathroom where I got violently sick! I'm sure I lost weight this weekend...probably 5 pounds in 3 minutes. Fortunately, it didn't ruin the whole time. Once I got it out, I was ok. I didn't eat any more, but I felt okay.

Jenny is married with kids and so are the friends she invited to join her. Layne is single, no kids, and so are the friends she invited to join her, except me:) So I was in the "single girls" condo. What a grand experience for me. They were getting dolled up Saturday morning (while I was just throwing on shorts and a t-shirt)....we were going hiking! Who knew you needed makeup and a shower before a hike! I looked like the old frumpy one of the group! I did get a little more dressed up for dinner though....for all the good it did, since I was throwing up in my nice clothes!

The mountains were absolutely gorgeous! God did a beautiful job with this creation. The views are just breathtaking. I would've loved to have spent more time there. And more time with my sweet friend Layne. We so rarely see each other since we live in different cities and have very different lifestyles. It made me really miss her. Seems like just yesterday we were in school at Appalachian State together. Now we are in our 40's!

Now that the weekend is over, I'm back home with my wonderful family. Hayley Grace, Princess, and I are getting ready to go up on the golf course to run and play. Life is simple here and I love it. Hot, but simple. Then I'll do a lot of laundry and call it a night.




Joyful said...

Glad you had such a fun weekend and also thankful you're feeling better.

Simple is good...isn't it!
Simply His,

dapple said...

Wow, I so want a girls weekend away. But it will come next week at the confrence. I am so glad for my girlfriends. Glad that you could have that getwaway. Sorry about the sickness. :-(
love ya,

Charlene Kidd said...

Sorry you got sick, but glad you got to go to Blowing Rock. That is my most favorite place in the mountains to go.
I am praying for you.