Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Pleasure

Have you ever noticed that when you go to Chic-Fil-A and place an order, when you say "Thank You" to the person helping you, they always reply, "My Pleasure." I love that. If I had to guess, serving chicken nuggets, waffle fries, and sweet tea all day long is not really a pleasure, but their job. Without fail though, the employees there give me the feeling that it really is a pleasure for them to put my food order together in a bag and hand it to me through the drive through window. Even when I ask for more polynesian sauce...they still reply, "My pleasure."

What if we all replied in that manner when someone said "thank you" or asked us to do something? I thought about this last night, when my son said, "Mom, thank you for dinner." "You're welcome", I said. Then I thought about the Chic-Fil-A response and added, "It was my pleasure."

Honestly I don't enjoy cooking. I wish I did. I tried to act like I did for a long time because most of my friends like to cook and are real good at it. I'm blessed with those Martha Stewart type friends. Oh how I wish I had their sense of homemaking and baking and decorating. But I don't. Nothing about that interests me, so those things are more like tasks to me. However, with that said, even though I don't enjoy most things other wives and moms do, it's still my pleasure to do them for my family. My Pleasure is more of an attitude than a reply. So I've decided to say it...often!

Do you know that when you look at a task as a pleasure rather than a task it can actually become a pleasure. Don't get me wrong, I still don't like to cook, but I do like the fact that I am providing something for my family that is not only good for them, but it also brings our family together. It truly is my pleasure. Try using that reply (with a smile) and see how it changes the task at hand.

"Melissa, thank you for helping me pack those boxes." "My Pleasure."

"Mom, thank you for helping me with my homework." "My Pleasure."

"Mom, will you drive me to Thomas' house?" "My Pleasure."

"Melissa, could you edit your devotion and have it complete within the hour?" "My Pleasure."

"Maam, do mind waiting a little longer for your appointment?" "My Pleasure."

"Honey, thank you for :) :) :)" "My Pleasure." :)

Blessings to You,



dapple said...

Ok girlfriend, you don't like to cook? You are talking to a chef and someone's who very soul is cooking. I just want you to know that I don't dust or clean windows. It doesn't bother me, as it does some in my family. I have someone who does it for me now. I will be happy to tell my family "it will be my pleasure" to have someone dust and clean the windows for you. :-) I understand how we especially as mothers do things for our family because we love them.
By the way it truly would be my pleasure to cook for you one day. What would you love for me to bring to the conference? (I am a very good Pastry Chef) Try to be healthy though.

Marilyn said...

So glad to see you back! I always check every day or two to see what you've posted and noticed that it had been several weeks. Was a little worried that you were sick or something.

You've given me something to think about with....."My Pleasure!".... You are does give a whole different "feel" to the occasion. I'll have to try it!

Again...welcome back to bloggy land!

Marilyn in MS

Joyful said...

I'm so glad you don't like to cook!!! I would rather be ANYWHERE (almost) than the Kitchen! I have tried SO HARD to like cooking. I even took a cooking class at Night School last year in hope of learning to develop a passion for culinary activities, but the chef added ingredients to recipes I had NEVER heard of and used utensils I had NEVER seen! I was PATHETIC!

Anyway...I LOVED this post! It's all about attitude and reaction. For example, today, while at work, when a lady phoned to inquire about a LIST of books and then couldn't decide what to order and kept having me go back, then changing her mind etc....although I was sweet on the phone, it was a good job she couldn't see the look of frustration on my face or my eyes that rolled over and over again speaking volumes of what was not being said out loud. She was really so sweet, and was aplogizing for taking up so much of my time, but I must say my patience was running thin - especially when she kept changing her mind. (Just being completely honest here!)

This post has really spoken to my heart - and with my very busy work schedule ahead, I pray the Lord will bring it to mind whether I'm at work or at home trying to get caught up with all that needs to be done.

Thanks for this post - God has used it to speak to my heart.
(Ah...I heard you say, "My pleasure".)

Love & prayers,

Running My Race said...

Music to the ears!!!! You go girl, You Rock!!!


Victoria said...

I just read somewhere else about saying You're welcome instead of no problem. I love the idea of my pleasure! What a nice message that sends. God bless.

Kate said...

I've been reading lately about the importance of not only action but also attitude. What a wonderful way to put this concept into, well, action. :) The words we speak aloud have a lot of power. I know it's way past when you wrote this, but thanks.