Friday, April 4, 2008

My Very Bestest Friend...

Who is your very bestest bestest friend? If you were to ask me that question, I'd need more clarification.

Who is my best girl friend? Well, there's my best girlfriends at best girlfriends from high best girlfriends from Bible best long distance girlfriends....etc...

Who is my best friend ever on this earth? Well, that's easy. It's Jeff. My dynamic husband. Why is he my best friend on earth you ask? Well, he accepts me. He loves me and I don't know how or why. He puts up with me. He has forgiven me for my mess ups. I love to spend time with him. Although if I'm honest, I have to say that even keeping a friendship with my best friend on this earth isn't easy. We've had to work at it, and it hasn't been easy. But it's been worth it.

That still doesn't answer the question, "who is my very bestest friend?" My very bestest friend? That would be Jesus. Even though I have friends on this earth who love me, forgive me, and are there for me, no one can be there for me NO MATTER WHAT like Jesus can. Some people don't believe in Jesus. Well, I do. Not because the Bible tells me so. Not because my mama tells me so. But because I've met Him myself. He has never abandoned me. He loves me. He really is my friend. My very bestest friend.

I love the hymn, "What a Friend We Have in Jesus". When I was a little girl, I thought Jesus was unreachable for me. I thought I had to speak a certain proper way to Him. How could such a God want to spend time with such a mess up like me? But now I know better. I can talk to Him in my voice, using my words, and just being me. I'm so glad I can just be myself.

Who is your friend? Who is your very bestest friend?

Today, I thank you Jesus for loving me just the way I am. I need You in my life.




Joyful said...

Very Bestest Friend? Jesus! So thankful that He never leaves me or forsakes me, doesn't cancel lunch dates, always thinks I look beautiful, always forgives, always gives grace, always listens, convicts without condemning and lavishes love on me every moment.
It truly is incredible to think that God calls me friend.
Love to you today, friend,

Digging for Pearls said...

My bestest friend is Jesus and my best friend is my husband. I praise God for both of these 'men' in my life! :)

Thanks so much for the book and sweet note. You are one of my new long distance friends! :)

I sorry I haven't written sooner. It has been a crazy week with trying to do research for this book I want to write. I have spent hours at the computer. I don't see how my husband does it everyday (he's a computer programmer). Just one week of being on the computer for hours on end has made me anxious to get away and do something else! So today I plan to work on papers - getting the kid's portfolios in order for their homeschool evaluation in a couple weeks. Hope you have a great weekend.


Kelly said...

Hi Melissa!
Thanks for your post on my blog...the dr said my cough sounded like whooping cough but it would be pneumonia...the antibiotic he gave me is supposed to knock out either..I am coughing less and feeling tons better now since Tuesday on the antibiotic so I think it was pneumonia not whooping cough. Which like you said drags on forever. I am on upswing although missed 3 days from work this week...glad you like the same music too!
Hey, I am not sure if you got my email about the BE Delicious perfume..let me know if you would like the little bottle I have I can send it!
As far as best friend, Jesus for sure, my husband Tim second. I feel though that I am really missing not having a best girlfriend anymore. I have had them in the past but no one right now. I have close work friends who I see every day, and church friends and acquaintances, but I wish I had someone local as a best friend. I have made some good blogger friends which is great though amd I have a few good online friends I've had for several years. It's just nice to have a friend to call you and say "Hey let's go to coffee" and a Christian friend who you can get real with too and who loves Jesus!
Have a great weekend too,

Charlene Kidd said...

Great minds think alike!!! I would have to ditto your best friend list and the other readers too. Have a great weekend.

Van said...

Of course Jeff would love you and put up with you. You are so precious and easy to love. Every time I see you, you make my day! Aren't we blessed to be able to have soooooo many kinds of friends - and then there is the best friend - Jesus. Thans for the reminder!

dapple said...


What a wonderful blog! Sometimes we take our "best friends" on earth for granted. It takes a major thing to realize what is lost. Thank God for our earthly friends, who can reach out and give you that hug or encouraging word. I thank him for being there in the middle of the night when you can't sleep. Or when your crying so hard that noone of nothing gives you comfort. I enjoy spending time with my savior. I know I need my time with him.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I had a picture of our great friend come to me Sunday in church. I was listening to someone sing a song and clearly I pictured Jesus standing on the side of a path holding his hand out for me to take it and walk with him. I needed this reminder as the past week was really a tough one and I was trying to do things on my own. He so sweetly reminded me HE is there waiting to walk with us, we just have to take hold of HIS gentle hand. Wow, aren't we so blessed to share this amazing friend who will never leave us or forsake us and loves us unconditionally.

Amy Carroll said...

I was just feeling a little down, and this post gave me such a lift. I've been reading your ones about friendship, too. I'm so thankful that I can count you as a friend!


Aprille said...

Thanks Melissa for posting this. We do have lots of best friends for lots of different things, but our truest best friend should always be Jesus. I am absolutely so thankful that He loves me even though I have done nothing to deserve it, and I feel so unworthy of it at times! I love reading a post like this just to remind me of how thankful I need to be for my husband, and the fact that he loves me with all of my mess-ups and imperfections too! Thanks so much for telling us about your bestest friend and for helping us to remember to be thankful for ours. God bless!

Joyful said...

Hey, my very dear friend...just checking in with you to see if everything is OK. I see your speaking in Raleigh this weekend. I'm praying for you as you prepare and as you speak.
Just sending love and a hug,